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Design  |  Project Management

We are a Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley design team specializing in residential design, single-family, multi-family, ground up, additions, remodels, conversions, ADU, compliance of code violations, and much more.  We have designed homes as big as 14,000 sq.ft. and as small as compact 400 sq.ft. ADUs.  We also specialize in commercial tenant improvements, change of use, and conditional use permits.

Homeowners, investors, developers as well as contractors trust the quality of our work, the customer service and communication we provide and they let us know they love our work with their continued business.  

Even with the high demand of our service we always try to meet interested clients in person.  We encourage everybody we meet to compare the quality of our plans with anybody else.  We are passionate about what we do and strive for perfection in every instance we encounter.  The blueprints of your home are essentially the detailed instructions of the place you or someone special is going to live.   Would you trust just anybody to do this?  Let our professional team wtih over 30 years of combined experience help you.

“With each project we strive to achieve perfection”

Vallecios CEO

What we do



Project-specific design

Because every site is unique and because every city has their unique set of requirements, we prepare a project specific design and outline the process to our client.  We help you attain your dream home with guidance and consideration.  All our work is done with a highly descriptive and easy to follow contract.


Construction drawings

From extremely easy to extremely complex.  Some projects may require much more design drawings and may require Structural, Civil, MEP, and Soils Reports by a Geologist.  All provided and monitored by our office to give you peace of mind.  We offer a one-stop shop service to our clients, you do not have to talk to anybody else but us throughout your process.  For our client who would like a sneak peek of their home, we also offer 3D renderings to help them visualize thier project.


Permit Processing / Management

Have an expert represent your project and handle all communication with City / County staff.  We make all the trips, appointments, and handle all types of communication (phone, e-mail, in-person, or virutal) with all agencies involved in the approval process.

Most Recent


These are only a handful of project images showing our sensibility to design and meticulous attention to detail.